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The heat of the Arizona desert is an excellent place for a few particular species of rats and mice to live. You can find the roof rat, packrat, deer mouse, and house mouse throughout the East Valley. Peterson Pest Management is equipped with rodent control services to keep your home clear of these pests.

Knowing how to identify a rodent is helpful to know how to deal with it. Each species of rat or mouse can be identified by distinguishable features. The roof rat, also known as a black rat because of its black or dark brown fur, is a common rodent found in the Gilbert, AZ area. You can easily identify this rodent by its long, hairless tail that is longer than its body. Including its tail, a roof rat can be up to 18 inches long. A packrat, or woodrat, is not as large as the roof rat but has a long tail with brown fur and a light-colored underbelly.

A house mouse and deer mouse are usually pretty easy to tell apart. You will know a house mouse by its light brown or gray fur and nearly furless tail. Its coat is also a solid color. A deer mouse will be gray or tawny brown with a white underbelly, which extends to the underside of its short tail.

Rodent control services are an important part of keeping your family safe from diseases like hantavirus and salmonella carried by mice and rats. Peterson Pest Management is proven to effectively keep these rodents away from your home. We provide rodent extermination services near Queen Creek, AZ.

Rodent Extermination near Mesa, AZ

As part of our pest control services and rodent extermination, our team of experts will give you tips on how you can keep more rodents from coming back. Some quick pointers include sealing off points of entry, seal pet food, dry food, and garbage cans, and keep floors and countertops clean. Rodents can also enter your home through cracks or holes in the foundation of your home.

Call Peterson Pest Management today for our affordable rodent extermination service. You can schedule an appointment with our team by calling us at 480-285-4040 or 602-919-4352. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via our online contact form or email should you have any questions about our rodent extermination services. The members of our team are trained and capable rat exterminators and will help rid your home of these pests.

Keep your family safe from disease and germs that rats and mice bring into your home. Peterson Pest Management will perform rodent extermination to make sure they don’t return.