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Scorpions are a prominent desert dweller inhabiting the Phoenix, AZ area. While these creepy crawlies might look intimidating and dangerous, only one species of scorpions is dangerously poisonous. The others will still deliver a painful sting but pose no immediate threat to someone who isn’t allergic. The four most common scorpions you’ll find in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas are:

  • Arizona bark scorpion
  • Arizona stripetail scorpion
  • Arizona giant hairy scorpion
  • Yellow ground scorpion

While each scorpion is distinctly identified from the rest, it’s important to know which scorpions are found in your home. In order to effectively help with scorpion control, Peterson Pest Management offers a scorpion inspection. However, you can learn the difference between them with this guide.

Arizona Bark Scorpion

Not only is the Arizona bark scorpion the most poisonous scorpion in Arizona, but it’s also the most poisonous in the US. These scorpions can be dangerous to your family and your pets and are best dealt with by pest control experts like Peterson Pest Management.

Relative to other scorpions, the Arizona bark scorpion is smaller and easily identified by its long, slender metasomas (tail). When at rest, the tail is coiled to its side. The Arizona bark scorpion is a yellowish-tan color.
While the Arizona bark scorpion in rocky desert areas or around tree bark, they can also be found in your home.

Arizona Stripetail Scorpion

When you see a scorpion in Arizona, it is most likely an Arizona stripetail scorpion. These are the most common scorpions in the state. These can be identified by their tail that is thicker than other scorpions. They are a yellowish color with dark stripes down on the back. You can find these scorpions under rocks during the day and hunting at night.

Arizona Giant Hairy Scorpion

The Arizona giant hairy scorpion lives up to its name as it is the largest species in Arizona, typically measuring from four to seven inches long. Its size along with the hair on the legs and tail make it easily identifiable. You’re not likely to find these giant scorpions in your home as they’re typically found in saguaro forests feeding on spiders, centipedes, and other scorpions. These scorpions are venomous, but only mildly.

Yellow Ground Scorpion

The yellow ground scorpion looks very similar to the Arizona bark scorpion in that it is slender with a yellowish color. In fact, it is often mistaken for the more dangerous bark scorpion. The most distinguishing feature on the yellow ground scorpion is the two wide metasomal segments. These segments on the tail are as wide as they are long.

Scorpion Inspection in Gilbert, AZ

Keep these pests away from your home with scorpion control from Peterson Pest Management. While the Arizona bark scorpion is the only species that has a sting that is dangerous to humans, it’s easier to not have any scorpions to deal with at all. Contact Peterson Pest Management today for a scorpion inspection and, if needed, our team will treat your home with our scorpion prevention treatment. You can reach our team by calling either 480-285-4040 or 602-919-4352. You can also email our scorpion elimination experts at

Keep your home free of these pests with scorpion control service from Peterson Pest Management. We want to help you protect your home.