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While spiders can be an effective method of pest control in themselves, we understand if you don’t want them around. Peterson Pest Management offers spider control service in Gilbert, AZ.

There are two species of venomous spiders in Arizona in the black widow and brown recluse. Both possess distinct markers and are easily identified. Peterson Pest Management is ready to help keep them away from your home.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Also known as the “violin spider,” the brown recluse is identified by a violin-shaped mark on its head. Additionally, the brown recluse spider has just six eyes compared to the typical eight of most spiders, but we don’t expect you to get close enough to count. Our spider prevention services make it so these bugs never enter your home, to begin with.

Brown recluse spiders can be found in secluded areas that provide a dry shelter. Areas like rock piles, leaves, and logs make great homes for this spider, and care should be taken when working in these areas around your home or at a job site.

It’s best to avoid this spider because its bite is poisonous to humans. A bit from a brown recluse may cause stinging at the site of the bite with localized pain. The brown recluse’s venom will cause a small white blister to form, which can progress to a lesion by destroying the skin. If this lesion develops, seek medical attention.

Black Widow Spiders

Like the brown recluse, the black widow is easily identified by its black body and the red hourglass-shaped mark on its abdomen. Like the brown recluse, these spiders are typically found in areas where debris like woodpiles. They can also make eaves and fences their home.

In order to avoid bites from a black widow, be aware of spider webs in areas where these spiders might be hiding. If you are bitten by a black widow, the mark is distinct with two puncture marks in the skin. Black widow spider venom is a neurotoxin that can spread from the initial bite to the chest, abdomen, or whole body. Seek medical attention immediately if you are bitten by a black widow.

Other Spiders in Arizona

While the brown recluse and black widow spiders are the only poisonous spiders found in Arizona, you’ll also find other spiders like tarantulas, wolf spiders, and house spiders. These spiders vary in size and are no threat to your safety.

Tarantulas are usually only found outside of their burrows during the rainy months of July to September. The males are usually what you’ll find after a rainstorm as they’re looking for a mate. These big, hairy spiders won’t survive long after the mating season as they’ll either be killed by a predator or the female tarantula. Like tarantulas, wolf spiders are hairy and live in burrows. They can be beneficial to your home by keeping insects like cockroaches away from your home. Often mistaken for a brown recluse, the house spider is similar in size and color, but presents little danger with its bite. The bite will hurt like a bee sting but will heal quickly.

Spider control and prevention services offered by Peterson Pest Management are meant to provide you with the peace of mind you want while in and around your home. We serve the Tempe, AZ area with quality and affordable spider eradication treatment.

Spider Extermination Treatment near Chandler, AZ

Peterson Pest Management will treat your home to ensure that you are free of brown recluse and black widow spiders in the Chandler, AZ area. Give our team a call at 480-285-4040 or 602-919-4352 to schedule an appointment. We will come to your home to assess how we can keep spiders away and keep your family safe. If you’d like a quote for spider extermination treatment near Chandler, AZ, you can also send us a message using our online contact form or send an email directly to petersonpestaz@gmail.com.

The team of spider exterminators at Peterson Pest Management has been trained to keep your home free of spiders. Call today for our spider extermination treatment in your home.